The Dreadful Dedication

Death is a topic that most Grown-ups refuse to talk about. The reason for this is simple! A great number of the Adult populace would prefer to live forever than live a short but full life! This is actually another thing that I do not understand about them! Grown-ups are incomprehensible! They call themselves learned and wise when they know all so well that dreaming of living forever is beyond the bounds of possibility!

At this point I again hail the wisdom of the Children! Unlike the Grown-ups, Children knows that living in everlastingness is contrary to reason! Children knows that even the Dinosaur has to die as some point!

Why are Grown-ups so drawn into the idea of living a mortal life in perpetuity when they could live a brief but meaningful life?

What goes on in the mind of an Adult when, if given a choice, he would readily choose to live for billions of years?

Who would they live their long and sad life for?

When then would they say that it's over and that they are ready to depart their life?

How, once they say they're ready, would they choose to die?

I guess, just like most of the time, I would never know the answers to these uncomplicated questions because Grown-ups would never really want to answer these queries! I know I wont because I once tried asking some Adults! They didn't answer me of course! In fact, they just looked at me intently and then scolded me heavily for asking what they call: "stupid questions"!

But, I am not losing hope! I still wish and I know that someday I would meet a Grown-up who will be eager to answer all my "stupid questions" about death and other things that bothers me!

Right now, having no clear idea about the worthy reasons why people should live forever rather than embrace death, I shall then write on this page my last will and testament!

If, for any reason I pass on to the next life, and considering that I am all alone in this world, I want Kerwyn Jadraque to inherit my very much valued blue feathered notebook collection! I want him to take care of those small and seemingly value less jotters because those are all that I have got! I have no money! I have no property that is of worth to me other than those sky colored notepads!

For Francis, Armando, Lorenzo, Catherine, and Janus I want to give them all my art works including those that I shall be using as I trace every woeful step in the life of a young girl named Elsa!

To Gavroche and Hyacinth, I give all the toys that I have! I want to give him my toys because I know he would be a wonderful playmate! And once I'm gone I am sure he would make other children happy!

To Beethoven and Ephraime, I give them my dreamcatcher! The very same one that I saved money for and that has been hanging near my bed since I learned about the magic that a dreamcatcher gives to the dreamer!

To Christmas and Treasure, I give them my lucky bracelet! The very same bracelet that brought me serendipity whenever I set foot on an unfamiliar land!

To Yoshiro and Kondwani, I give them my DVD collections! I give them those in the hopes that through the films that I love watching, they would be able to understand the pain that resided in my heart!

To Vincent and Amigo, I give them my inexpensive mobile phone so that they could take a picture of the world and continue to warn children about how cruel this world really is!

And most importantly, to all the children of the world, I give them this blog! Elsa's Story! I do this with the wish that they will continue to relive Elsa's sad story to other children who has lost hope!

I hope that they would cherish the little things that I gave them! I also hope that one day, when they grow older, they will never forget how it was to be a child! I also pray that in the future, If a child goes up to them to ask "stupid questions" about life and death, they would be willing to give an answer!

"The greatest gift is a portion of thyself." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Adnos Uyañe Plein said...
    The Dreadful Dedication was written on the early week of August 2009. Just like The Sorrowful Salutation, original comments from Readers got lost on the early weeks of June 2010.

    This episode is my dedication page.

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