The Sorrowful Salutation

Honestly, I would perhaps never really know how you got to this page today. Though I have 4 guesses! First, the kind wind might have blown you here. Second, a friend of yours might have told you about this site. Third, you might be one of those pure souls who heeded to my invitation! Or fourth, maybe it was plain luck that brought you to this page on this fateful day.

Anyway, whatever it is, whoever it is, whichever it is, you could either blame it or thank it eventually!

Now be it known that on this page I shall narrate a story. A story like no other. A story about a young girl named Elsa. A story about Elsa and her agonies in life.

This early however, let me warn you that this is not going to be a pleasant story! This story would not be about castles and fairies, spaghetti and meatballs, sandy beach and sunshine, and iced tea and chocolate mouse! This story would definitely be not like other stories with heroes and happy endings!

And so, I am reminding you that, at this point here, you still have time! You have a choice!

At this very moment, you can read along until the bottom part of this sorrowful salutation and then come back another day to see how Elsa's story unfold, or you can leave this page hastily and forget all about what I said. Pretend that you didn't know about all these! Just like what I said earlier, you have a choice!

Now, allow me to say that: I have been with the sad company of the Grown-ups, and I know how they think! I know how they look at things! Sometimes a Grown-up knows that something exist but they refuse to acknowledge it! Grown-ups does this because they don't want to get involved! Grown-ups are good at pretending! Grown-ups pretend because they are very busy earning fame, name and money to even care for things that pains other people, specially those who are weak! A Child on the other hand, looks at things and begins to wander at what lies beneath! A Child observes and asks questions! A Child is pure at heart! That is why, I am writing this story for them!

Thus, this story is not for the Grown-ups to read! I do not suggest for Grown-Ups to stay longer and read! If you are a Grown-up, then I politely ask you to leave now! I only allow Children who are pure at heart to be witness to Elsa's story!


If you are a Grown-up who still knows the Child that lives inside your heart, then I welcome you.

I am Adnos Uyañe Plein. and I wrote this story.

This is The agony of Elsa ( an allegoric chronicle of a regrettable affair ).

"The beginning of faith is the beginning of fruitfulness; but the beginning of unbelief, however glittering, is empty." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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  1. Adnos Uyañe Plein said...
    The Sorrowful Salutation was written on the first week of August 2009. Original comments from Readers were lost early part of June 2010!

    I wrote this episode to welcome the Readers of The agony of Elsa!

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