The Groveling Guard

The episode that you are reading right now, assuming that you are indeed reading it and that you have an eye - regardless if it is one or two - to serve that purpose, is where Elsa would finally realize that what I wrote in the second sentence of the last paragraph of the ninth episode of this tragic tale - which to be exact is the very same episode prior to this one - is true!

In the event that you have not read that episode and you have any, if not all, of the following reasons: "I simply have no time to scroll down to read it" ; "I totally am not interested to know what was written in the second sentence of the last paragraph of the ninth episode of this tragic tale" ; "I strongly prefer not to know what it was that was written "; and " I love the aroma of brewed coffee", then allow me to retype and enclose in a quotation mark what I said there!

"But, just like what is believed by many, the sad truth is: some good things surely doesn't last."

Honestly, I would want to assume that it wont take for one to be university learned to understand what I mean! The message is very obvious and very clear! The sentence is so worded to make anybody who reads it understand straight away that there are things in life that seem to be so good that we tend to think, or even wish earnestly, that it would stay and last long! But the sad truth is - anything that is positively overwhelming will surely - and must - come to an end! Just like how an ice cream - no matter what flavor it is - would melt under the heat of the sun, how a rose - whether its red or white or pink - withers after several weeks, how the sun - whether you are in the north or south hemisphere - sets at the end of the day, and how today's happy moments would become tomorrow's history!

Now, to cut the chase - for I truly am not the type who usually beats around the bush - allow me to say that: Elsa's streak of luck ended when her acquaintance with the School Guard started!

And so in this episode, I shall start my actual narration of what seem to be Elsa's never ending agony on the very day that Elsa first step foot on St. John's Academy! The school which is right infront of Mang Joey's Gotohan! The school that is located along 10th Avenue Cubao Quezon City, Philippines! The school where Mang Joey enrolled Elsa. The school where Elsa, the simple schoolgirl, studied again after being unfairly accused of murdering a terrible teacher and a vile vendor which resulted to her being expelled from her former school which resulted to her working full time in the gotohan of the beastly boss which resulted to her being assigned all the job in the gotohan that resulted to her being overworked which resulted to the fire that caused her to lose her job which resulted to her fearing the reaction of her preposterous parents once they find out that she is jobless which resulted to her walking from her house in Baseco Compound to 10th Avenue Cubao Quezon City Philippines in search for a new job that in the end resulted to her meeting the misinformed master who offered her a job that resulted to her going back to school that unfortunately resulted to her getting acquainted with the groveling guard of the St. John's Academy! St. John's Academy by the way is the school which is right infront of Mang Joey's Gotohan! The school that is located along 10th Avenue Cubao Quezon City, Philippines!

It was a typical Monday morning when Elsa woke up with high hopes that the day would be just like the past 2 weeks! Elsa was very optomistic that just like the past 14 days, positive things would happen to her! Now allow me to also tell you that Elsa was very excited to head off to work because it was also the day when she was to go back to school! And so, after making sure that she has performed all her household tasks, Elsa quickly took a shower, prepared her things - that includes her new carnation pink and orange colored school bag with Garfield design, 7 pieces of 50 sheets spiral notebook, and blue and red kilometrico ballpen - and then headed to Mang Joey's gotohan!

Upon arriving at the gotohan, and - without even taking breakfast yet, Elsa right away performed her duties! Elsa cleaned the kitchen, swept the floor in the dining area, scrubbed the toilet floor, washed the dishes, repaired the broken picket fence, cooked goto, welcomed customers, served hot goto to customers, took payments, and tidied up the tables! Mang Joey was very happy to see Elsa working really hard even when not told!

At around 10:59 A.M., Mang Joey instructed Elsa to take a rest, eat her lunch and prepare for school. Elsa right away obliged because her classes starts at 12:00 noon! But before Elsa started preparing for her first day in school, she first made sure that she has done all her duties in the gotohan! After making sure that there was nothing else for Mang Joey to worry about while she is in school, Elsa quickly ate her lunch, freshened herself up, put on her new pink and white uniform, grabbed her new carnation pink and orange colored school bag with Garfield design that has 7 pieces of 50 sheets spiral notebook, and blue and red kilometrico ballpen, said goodbye to Mang Joey and headed to school!

When Elsa was finally infront of the school's yellow gate and was about to enter, the School Guard stopped her and demanded for an ID! It was at that point when Elsa realized that she has left her ID at home! Elsa tried to explain in a meek voice that she has left her ID in her house and that her house is in Baseco Compound and if she still go back to her house to pick it up she would be late on her first day in school! The School Guard listened to her explanation but still refused to let her enter the school! The School Guard even said: " Violation number 1! Illegal entry" When Elsa heared what the School Guard accused her of doing, she meekly informed the School Guard that she is new to the school and that she is working as the new All Around Helper in Mang Joey's Gotohan! It was at this point when the School Guard's heart finally seem to have softened for Elsa. He smiled and then said: "Is that so? You are the new All Around Helper at Mang Joey's gotohan? That is great! Now, I will allow you to enter the school premises but promise me that tomorrow, you will give me hot goto with tuwalya, okay?" Elsa thought for a while. When Elsa realized that she could actually give her share of the hot goto to the School Guard, she meekly said: "Yes!" After hearing Elsa's answer, the School Guard opened the yellow gate and allowed Elsa to enter the school!

When Elsa saw how big the school was, she was momentarily mesmerized! She walked along slowly and observed her surroundings! The school was very different from her previous school! St. John's Academy has a playground, a canteen, a drinking fountain, a stage, a clinic, and a library!

Elsa was so consumed at the view of the new school that she has totally forgotten about the time! It was only when she heard the school bell rang that she realized that she was to attend classes that day!

When Elsa realized her purpose for being inside the school, she quickly looked for her classroom! Elsa looked at her registration form and only then did she realized that her classroom was actually in the 3rd floor! Elsa walked fast and tried to reach the classroom on time! Unfortunately, when Elsa reached the door of her classroom, the door was already closed and surprisingly the School Guard - the very same one who was at the gate earlier - was already standing beside it! When the School Guard saw Elsa, the School Guard shouted saying: " Violation Number 2! Cutting classes! ". Elsa tried to meekly explain to the School Guard that she was not skipping her classes. Elsa tried to reason out that she was only late. Elsa then remembered the School Guard's earlier request, so Elsa said : "I am really very sorry for being late, I promise that it will never happen again. Don't worry, tomorrow I will come in early and bring you hot goto." Upon hearing this, the School Guard smiled and said: "Oh! Really? Cross your heart swear to die? Do you also promise to give me 1.5 litro of A and W Rootbeer?" Elsa thought for a while then upon realizing that she could not guarantee the 1.5 litro of A and W Rootbeer she said: "I promise to give you goto, but I cannot promise the 1.5 litro of A and W Rootbeer." Upon hearing what Elsa said, the School Guard frowned, pouted his lips and said: "What? You can not promise? Okay! Get inside now!" Then the School Guard opened the classroom door and pushed Elsa in!

When Elsa got inside the classroom, she was already 23 minutes late! Her classmates were already taking their quiz! The teacher had her back turned from the class and was writing something on the board! Elsa said good afternoon but no one paid any attention to her. Elsa stood motionless beside the door then once again said: "Good afternoon teacher." The teacher didn't turn her back and didn't seem to have heard her! Elsa, fearing that the teacher might get angry if she said something again, decided to approach one of her classmate who was wearing a red headband to ask where she could sit. Elsa was on the act of asking her classmate when the teacher finally finished writing in the board and faced the class! The teacher saw Elsa standing beside the student with red headband! The teacher, upon seeing Elsa, started to yell saying: "Cheater!" The students got startled and started to scream as well! Suddenly the door opened and the School Guard came in and held Elsa's hand and said: "Violation number 3! Cheating during exams!"

Upon the teacher's orders, the School Guard brought Elsa to the Principal's office! Elsa wasn't given a chance to explain! The teacher who is most concerned about the welfare and well being of all her students, who always makes sure that all the students under her care are properly guided, who likewise makes sure that she prepares her lessons well so that her students become well knowledgeable, who treats her students with utmost love, care and understanding, and who loves those students who shower her with costly gifts during Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Foundation day anniversary, Linggo ng Wika, Nutrition month, English and Book week, United Nations Day, Halloween, Birthday and even during Rizal day bombing anniversary and Eid ul fitr - is just like Elsa - fairly new to St. John's Academy! She moved to St. John's Academy after being forced to resign from her previous school after the school officials found out that she was asking gifts from her students and that she was just pretending to still being sick after being confined in the hospital for Leptospirosis! By the way, just to let you know, the teacher's name is Mrs. Clarita D. Castor!

Anyway, going back to the story, the School Guard dragged Elsa from the classroom to the Principal's Office. And while walking, the School Guard repeatedly ennumerated what according to him was Elsa's School Violations! Upon entering the Principal's Office, The School Guard gave out a big smile, flexed his muscles, winked his eyes, cleared his throat, stood beside the School Principal, and said: "Ma'am Yes Ma'am! You are the most intelligent Principal in the whole wide world! You are very just and fair! You are also very sexy and beautiful! I caught this bald girl today! And I find her guilty of the following offences: Violation number 1: Illegal entry! Violation number 2: Cutting classes! and Violation number 3: Cheating during exams! I know that you are wise enough to see that I am saying the truth! Punish her!" Elsa, though was shocked at what was happening to her on her first day in school still managed to meekly say: "I am very sorry Ma'am but I didn't do all those. Infact I explained why I didn't have my ID with me and I was allowed to enter after I promised to give him hot goto from the gotohan of my new Master whose name is Mang Joey." The School Guard after hearing what Elsa said was quick to say: "Ma'am! Yes Ma'am! You are smart and flawless! I am sure you will agree with me when I say that what the bald girl just did was: Violation number 4: Attempting to bribe an honest School Guard!"

The School Principal gave Elsa a mean look, pretended to write something down on her notepad, glanced and smiled at the School Guard, then said: "Definitely! You bald girl is very bad girl! Leave her with me now and Thank you very much Head Guard Omario Bulatao! You did a great job today!"

"The spirit that does not soar is destined to grovel." - Benjamin Disraeli

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